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Precision Ground Spur Gears

Spur gears are used in mechanical applications to increase or decrease the speed of a device or multiply torque by transmitting motion and power from one shaft to another through a series of mated gears. Spur gears are one of the most popular types of precision cylindrical gears. These gears feature a simple design of straight, parallel teeth positioned around the circumference of a cylinder body with a central bore that fits over a shaft. In many variants, the gear is machined with a hub that thickens the gear body around the bore without changing the gear face. The central bore can also be broached to allow the spur gear to fit onto a spline or keyed shaft.

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Precision Ground Spur Gears

Precision ground spur gears are manufactured using abrasive wheels to grind a gear blank to match the desired gear design. These versatile gears are better suited for use with delicate instrumentation and other small-scale components and high-precision applications.


Advantages of Precision Ground Spur Gears

  • More accurate finish: Precision ground spur gears feature a more precise tooth finish than machined or cut gear, which provides better, smoother meshing of gear teeth for more controlled operation.
  • More material options: While machining, stamping, and other manufacturing processes may limit material options, nearly any metal or alloy can be made into gear via grinding. You can improve performance by selecting the best-suited material for your application rather than the “best available option.”
  • Higher loads & better performance: Because of how they’re manufactured, ground spur gears can handle higher loads and higher stresses than gears produced via other means. Ground gears are especially useful in applications that require large amounts of torque.

Thanks to these unique advantages, precision ground spur gears can outperform gears manufactured through other means in most applications. Precision ground spur gears deliver smoother performance and greater longevity.SSJ manufactures a full line of precision ground gears, including ground spur gears, splined spur gears, spur gear racks, ground helical gears, ground worm gears, and worms, and ground custom gears.


Ground Spur Gears

Consisting of a cylinder or disc with teeth that project outward along the outer edge, spur gears (straight-cut gears) are the most basic type of gear. Our ground spur gears are designed to pair with another spur gear to rotate two parallel shafts in opposite directions; if the shafts/gears must turn in the same direction, a third spur gear (an idler gear) can be installed between the two.


Ground Splined Spur Gears

Splined spur gears, or splined bore spur gears, feature splines around the full circumference of the I.D. to accommodate splined shafts. (Traditional spur gears have a single keyway in the I.D.) Our ground splined spur gears are otherwise the same as our standard spur gears.


Ground Spur Gear Racks

Spur gear racks are linear or gradually curved metal rods that feature a row of machined-in spur gear teeth running down the length. Also known as a rack gear, a gear rack is paired with matching gears to convert rotary motion into linear motion, or to convert linear motion into rotary motion. Our ground spur gear racks are cut and tolerance for continuous mounting, and can be butt joined to create longer lengths. Teeth are precision ground to DIN 867 tooth form standards.

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